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Now that everyone's been Lured Away, what's next?

Since I've penned the epilogue of the fifth and final book of my Lured Away series, I've started to ponder what I should do next. After tossing around a lot of ideas, I think I've settled on a direction.

If I have counted correctly, I will have released my 50th full-length novel by the end of 2023. Throughout all of them, I often brought back characters from previous stories and series. Some of them got their own stories, while some made several cameo appearances, if you will. After a while, all that spaghetti gets tough to untangle. So, I figured the next logical step would be the next generation of those characters.

The children!

I've read several authors that have done the same or even started with the children and done a prequel on the parents. So, why can't I? Then there are even more possibilities for tangled storylines if children from different series end up together, right? And that's what I love: the possibilities!

So, as I wrap up a few more anthology stories this year, stay tuned to see where things go with this.

Until then, as always, happy reading.



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