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Solo Releases from Anthologies

If you didn't grab the anthology, you can still grab my story!
Red Hot Whiteout cover.jpg
Red Hot Whiteout
A Bridges Novella


This story was previously released in Snowed Inn, Volume 2.

Dayne Shaw is at the height of his career as a photographer. The only thing missing is the love of his life, Leila Li. It was because of his job that he lost her, but when he crosses paths with her again, he makes it his mission to win her back. And the storm that snows them in together only makes things hotter.



Slow Burn cover.jpg
Slow Burn


This story was previously released in Cool Off.

Caleb Turner has grown more intrigued by Sierra Lowe every summer she's vacationed on his beach with her family.  He's even rescued her.  Twice.  Now that she's graduated from college and looking to start her career in his small beach town, can she be the one to finally rescue his heart?


Fire Schooled cover.jpg
Fire Schooled

A Learning Curves Novella


This story was previously released in Burning with Desire.

Luke Donati loves his career as a firefighter, but he also loves the ladies that want to bed an every day hero.  Then he meets first grade teacher Jojo Barnes.  She makes him long for the love he once had, but his reputation, and hers, won't make things easy for them.


Madam Santa cover.jpg
Madam Santa

A Let's Get Naughty Story, Pure Bliss - Part One

This story was previously released in Let's Get Naughty.

Elana Williams' business is all about pleasure.  Zane MacDuff's expertise is exactly what she needs to take that pleasure to the next level.  Too bad she's hated him for as long as he's wanted her.  As the CEO, she's off-limits, but he has no problem breaking that rule.


Ascended cover.jpg

This story was previously released in Once Upon a Winter.

Cursed by Mother Gothel and trapped in her tower, Rapunzel’s true love seeks to rescue her. Unfortunately, their newly discovered love only tears them apart.
And it’s Rapunzel who must fight to save them all.


Precarious Proposals cover.jpg
Precarious Proposals


This story was previously released in XOXO.

Triss Gibson and Joe Jackson are at odds from the moment they meet, but when their rivalry becomes heated enough to spill into the bedroom, real feelings start to blossom.  Can they protect themselves and their jobs?


Hearts Aflame cover.jpg
Worst Laid Plans

This story is now included in Hearts Aflame, Artistic Impressions, Book One.

Connor Watson is intent on giving his wife Alexis a Valentine's Day to remember. 
And it is, but more for mishaps than romance.


The Cover is Not the Book cover.jpg
The Cover is Not the Book

A Learning Curves Novella

Previously released in Like Father Like Daughter.

When single father Kale Whitman finally agrees to get back in the dating game two years after his wife ghosted him, the woman who piques his interest isn't what he expected her to be.  After he rewires his thinking, he's able to take a chance with Luna Rodriguez.  They fall fast but when the past threatens both Luna and Kale's daughter, Emma, their future hangs in the balance.


Suicide Squeeze cover.jpg
Suicide Squeeze

Previously released in Tough Call.

Ian Cooper's proposal to Mia Romano is thwarted when he's called up to the Major Leagues.  When he brings her to the city to watch him play and try again, her job calls her away.  While they're apart, someone else sets his sights on Mia.  If Ian intercedes, it could cost him the career he fought so hard for.


Addicted cover.jpg

A Learning Curves Novella

Previously released in Naughty Professor

Just when Professor Evan Abdoulaev thinks he's gotten his life under control, librarian Yvonne Donahue catches his eye. She's flattered by his interest, but is hesitant to give in to the mutual attraction.


Santa's Sack cover.jpg
Santa's Sack

A Let's Get Naughty Story, Pure Bliss - Part Two

Previously Released in Let's Get Naughty 2


Modeling sex toys for Pure Bliss means getting up close and personal.  When Pearl White lands the gig and is paired with Griffin Marks, she expects some heat.  What she gets is even better.


Chaos at Christmas cover.jpg
Chaos at Christmas

Previously Released in Santa Baby


In a last ditch effort to stay off the street, Daisy Harrison answers an ad for a roommate that lands her in Chaos Hughes' life.  His deep desire to protect and serve is pushed to new heights because of her past, and he's determined to do whatever it takes to keep her safe...and make her his.


Hard Lessons cover.jpg
Hard Lessons
A Learning Curves Novella

Previously Released in Foxy Professor


Set up by an unlikely source, Dr. Phineas Ellis and Dr. Piper Belle come together in a clash of academia and passion.  As Piper continues to battle biases in her field, Phineas is determined to lay them all to rest.  And when the unthinkable happens, he vows to make her his.


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