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Are you a binge reader?


Do you dislike book hangovers?


Well, here's something that might interest you...

I've released all of my novels from 2014 to 2021 in five separate series that can be purchased as bundles:
The Anderson Circle:  2014-2016
Tertiary Circle of Friends:  2017
Modern Tales of Fantasy, Q Series:  2018-2019
Artistic Impressions:  2020
Bridges:  2021
Coming Soon...Learning Curves:  2022-2023

That's over 40 novels, 6 novellas, and 2 short stories.  
Each bundle presents the series in the order they were written to avoid any spoilers, since many of the stories overlap.

Start your binge read today!

LDC 14-16 cover.jpg
The Layla Delaney Collection
The Anderson Circle: 2014 - 2016​

The Anderson Circle is a group of friends who formed after the meeting of Nicole Pepper and Gage Anderson. Included are all fifteen novels and four novellas presented in chronological order to avoid plot spoilers. It all starts with Nicole and Gage in the Grand Slam Trilogy (Anniversary Edition) followed by the Arrested Hearts Series, Finding Harmony Series and Second Chances Series. Two of the novellas were published after 2016, but they continue two of the series included in this collection.


LD Collection 17 cover.jpg
The Layla Delaney Collection
Tertiary Circle of Friends: 2017

Includes 7 novels that feature tertiary characters from the Anderson Circle.

Anticipating Fate, Consensual (Valentine's Day Edition), The Kingston Duet: A Shot at Love & The Perfect Chaser, Custom Makeover, Brothers in Arms Duet: Empowering My Soul & Finding Freedom.



LDC 18-19 cover.jpg
The Layla Delaney Collection
Modern Tales of Fantasy, Q Series: 2018-2019

Includes all 7 novels of the Q Series:  

Alicia's WonderlandCrossing Realms (The Dreamcatchers, Book 1), Entangled Reveries (The Dreamcatchers, Book 2), Overexposure (Focal Point, Book 1), Double Exposure (Focal Point, Book 2), VI or IX, and Passionate Penance.


While each novel tells a unique story, many characters are revisited in subsequent novels as the series builds to the finale.


LD Collection 2020 cover.jpg
The Layla Delaney Collection
Artistic Impressions Series: 2020


Includes all 7 novels of the Artistic Impressions Series:

Hearts Aflame, Blooming Fire, Burning Betrayals, Simmering Passion, Blazing Conceptions, Firefly & Ice, and Reignited.

As a bonus, both Girl Power Romance Collection stories have also been included:

Love Bites and Love Bleeds.


LDC 2021 Bridges cover.jpg
The Layla Delaney Collection
Bridges: 2021

Includes all novels and a novella of the Bridges series:

Rebuilt with Virtue, Muddy Crossings, Clearer Waters, Complex Passage, Full Revolution and Red Hot Whiteout.


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