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Layla's Stories

2022 - 2024:  Learning Curves


The stories in this series will take place in the halls of higher education...and maybe the bedroom, too.

From A to Z cover.jpg
From A to Z

Learning Curves, Book One

Professor Shawn Zaback is once bitten but not shy.  After a disastrous end to what could have been love, Wynter Adams falls into his life, but under disturbing circumstances.  Love blossoms from his desire to keep her safe, but she's willing to put herself in danger for the same reason.



Drawn Together cover.jpg
Drawn Together

Learning Curves, Book Two


Gavin Salas and Chelsea Thomas are no strangers to casual sex, but when their careers force them together, they find themselves wanting more than just a night in the sack.  As their attraction grows stronger, they're forced to face the consequences of their pasts while trying to navigate a real relationship for the first time ever.


Fire Schooled cover.jpg
Fire Schooled

A Learning Curves Novella

Luke Donati loves his career as a firefighter, but he also loves the ladies that want to bed an every day hero.  Then he meets first grade teacher Jojo Barnes.  She makes him long for the love he once had, but his reputation, and hers, won't make things easy for them.

Previously released in Burning with Desire, A Firefighter Romance Anthology.


Confidently Insecure cover.jpg
Confidently Insecure

Learning Curves, Book Three

After spending six weeks apart during their winter break, Marina Barnes and Ryder Caruso realize that something has started between them.  Ryder makes his feeling known as soon as he returns to campus, and even though Marina is ready to take a chance with him, his insecurities may prove too difficult to overcome.


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