Beginning with the third book of the Grand Slam Trilogy,

I began to include deeper references to the story with my cover images.  

Some of them are obvious, others are not.  

Today, it's become an integral part of my life as Layla.


This page is dedicated to those covers that include Easter eggs.


Hover over each cover to read about the significance of the image!

The Catchers Mitt

Gage is the catcher on his baseball team.

The cover image is a catchers mitt.

Home Plate

Gage is the catcher on his baseball team.

His 'office' is at home plate.

Stained Glass Window
Interlocking Hearts

The stained glass window in the shape of home plate is in the church where Gage and Nicole get married.

The interlocking hearts design is on their wedding bands.

Red Satin

Tony uses a couple strands of red satin fabric to restrain and blindfold Karen in bed one night.

Wrought Iron Headboard

Leonora and Marco take turns handcuffing each other to his bed.


Arika has several lilies tattooed on her right arm and shoulder.

Microphone &
Blue Lipstick

Lee uses a retro microphone when he performs.

Amelia gave Lee a blue lipstick imprint to take on tour with him.

Goddess Symbol
& Colors

The heart is a variation to the symbol for goddess, which is what James calls Denise.

The colors are for her red hair and his black hair.

Book & Guitar

Melisa is a librarian and Liam plays lead guitar for Roll With It.

Set Music

The drum set music is for "Hey Jude," reflecting the significance of Jude's role in this story.

Guitar Color
& Music

The guitar is green, referencing the color shirt Eli was wearing when she auditioned for Roll With It.

The music notates a suspension, referencing the title.

Color & Needle

The color references a dress Jane wore for Jeff.

The needle references her profession and something Jeff gives her at the end of the story.

Binary Code

Noah and Michaela spelled in binary code.

Pointe Shoe withPiercing

Drexel is a fan of multiple piercings.

Autumn is the principal dancer at the city's ballet company.


Mary had to use a spreadsheet for her job.

Protractors & Triangle

Some tools of Heath's trade.


Any good coach needs a whistle.

High Heels & Orchid

Christine's guilty pleasure is Emery's weakness.

Christine's favorite flower.

Screaming Orgasm

You know, the shot.

440 Hockey Stick  Stripe & Jerry Tattoo

From Ezra's '71 'Cuda.

Tattoos are their shared passion.

The shears are for Monroe's profession.

Llewyn's Silhouette

Look in the mirror.

Blossom & Hawk

The silver clouds of another realm.

Translations of Aiyana & Chetan.

Gold Dust & Swirl

The power that saves Catori and the symbol of her name.

Film Background, Lens Cover & Roman Numerals

Ella's profession, how Braxton remembered her, and the name of the club.


Flowers given to Sarah by Everett as a double exposure.


The red wine stain.

Background & Triquetra

Concrete warehouse floor.

The symbol that solves the mystery.

Background & Bracelet


Connor's crafty creation.

Background & Flower


Ava's favorite flower.

Faces of the theatre.

Background & Glass


A porter.

Background & Steam Whistle

Damascus pattern.

Nod to Worldwide Local.

Blazing Conceptions cover.jpg
Background & Flipping Coin

Sonogram white noise.

The S.

Firefly and Ice cover.jpg
Background & Lotus Flower

A stormy sea and Firefly's tattoo.

Reignited cover.jpg
Background & Tattoo Heart

Ink cups for tattooing and a heart tattoo with room for two names.