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Girl Power

Romance Collection

Over the years, men that have made landmark achievements in different facets of life have often been celebrated with very little stories about bad ass women that have excelled in their respective positions.  While there are some works that highlight the fantastic achievements of women in powerful positions, there is no particular project exclusively dedicated to celebrating the “girl power.”  This is where Tarrah Anders and her team of authors are looking to make a difference with the “Girl Power Collection.” 

The compilation contains short stories with the theme of Girl Power in whichever way the author defines it for herself and her readers.  The 34 romance stories are narrated in a diverse yet entertaining and inspiring way and will be released in regular intervals throughout 2020. 

Some of the authors on the project include Jessica Ames, Britney Bell, Christy Anderson, Jess Bryant, and Alley Ciz.  Other authors featuring on the project are Tara Carr, AJ Daniels, Taylor Delong, Nicky F. Grant, Wynne Roman, Denise Wells, and a host of female authors that have made their mark in the world of literature.  The “Girl Power Collection” is a celebration of feminism in an unprecedented manner and will serve as an inspiration for millions of readers across the globe. 

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Love Bites

A Girl Power Romance Collection Novella

​​Corporal Imara Callas and her partner K9 Riddick are at the top of their game when a traffic stop lands them in the middle of a SWAT investigation.  Meanwhile, SWAT Agent Steele Astor quickly discovers that his interest in Corporal Callas goes far beyond professional.  Their sizzling connection is instant and mutual, but Imara will not allow them to get personal until she is certain Steele is exactly what she needs.


Love Bleeds cover.jpg
Love Bleeds

A Girl Power Romance Collection Novel

Having thwarted an attempt on their lives already, Corporal Imara Callas and Agent Steele Astor find themselves running from not only the criminals they need to take down, but from fellow officers whose actions tarnish the badge they have sworn to uphold. A twisted web of cruel intent lands them in deadly crosshairs. All the while, their sizzling connection blossoms into a love they hope they live long enough to explore.


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The Girl Power Romances


Love Bites and Love Bleeds



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