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The Hughes Crew

Who are the Hughes brothers?

• Tall, broad, and muscular

• Sinfully handsome

• Law enforcement and military

• Loyal to family and friends

• Fiercely protective of the ones they love

• They aim to please…especially in the bedroom

Pitbull, Chaos, Snake, and Tank – which brother is for you?

"Suicide Squeeze" is the story that begat the Hughes brothers and introduced Tank, Snake, and Pitbull.

"Back the Blue" features the oldest, Pitbull, an FBI Agent.

"Chaos at Christmas" features the second oldest, Chaos, who is with the VA State Police SBI.

"Snake Eyes" features Snake, the second youngest, who is a Master Sergeant in the US Marines.

"Twice on Sunday" features Tank, the baby, a local police corporal.

"Hidden Desires" follows Kimo and Kara, and also keeps you looking in on all the Hughes Crew.

The stories are listed below in the order they were written to avoid any plot spoilers.

Suicide Squeeze cover.jpg
Suicide Squeeze

Previously released in Tough Call.

Ian Cooper's proposal to Mia Romano is thwarted when he's called up to the Major Leagues.  When he brings her to the city to watch him play and try again, her job calls her away.  While they're apart, someone else sets his sights on Mia.  If Ian intercedes, it could cost him the career he fought so hard for.


Twice on Sunday cover.jpg
Twice on Sunday

Lured Away, Book Four

Caught up in another matchmaking scheme, Mindy Phillips is instantly enamored with the single friend of a visiting couple to her small beach town.  Tank (Tough Call Anthology) feels much the same when they meet.  Their personalities sizzle as easily as the sexual tension, but when Mindy's past comes back to haunt her, it sends Tank's protective instincts into overdrive, forcing him to make some serious decisions to keep her safe and in his life.


Chaos at Christmas cover.jpg
Chaos at Christmas

Previously Released in Santa Baby


In a last ditch effort to stay off the street, Daisy Harrison answers an ad for a roommate that lands her in Chaos Hughes' life.  His deep desire to protect and serve is pushed to new heights because of her past, and he's determined to do whatever it takes to keep her safe...and make her his.


Between the Sheets.jpg
Between the Sheets

A Limited Edition Romance Anthology

Snake Eyes


When Snake Hughes and Kalani Akana cross paths in an unpleasant situation, it sets the stage for a relationship that will be tested from all sides.  Is their passion hot enough to survive?


Hidden Desires cover.jpg
Hidden Desires

Kimo Akana has wanted Kara Andrews for years.  When she gives him a week to satisfy her, that only ups the stakes for Kimo in his quest to keep her.  Indefinitely.


Back the Blue cover.jpg
Back the Blue

Eligible Bachelor Series

Available Now!

When FBI Agent Pitbull Hughes secures a scene involving one of their top ten most wanted, he never expects sparks to fly when he butts heads with paramedic Lorna Lewis, who is none too happy about him interfering with her job. But when she takes a bullet, his desire to protect her turns into something more, but only time will tell if they'll survive to see where it leads.

$2.99 or Kindle Unlimited

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