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Layla's Stories

2020:  Artistic Impressions

This series follows a group of artistic people as they make new connections and find love through their artistic passions.

Hearts Aflame cover.jpg
Hearts Aflame

Artistic Impressions, Book 1


Alexis Jackson is an artist on the cusp of making a name for herself. Her personal situation, however, threatens to lay all her hard work to ashes. Connor Watson is a life-of-the-party kind of guy who loves to flatter the ladies. But when he meets Alexis, she ignites a fire in his blood that leaves him tongue-tied. Instant attraction and contrary needs result in a fiery tale of love.


Blooming Fire cover.jpg
Blooming Fire

Artistic Impressions, Book 2

Ava Bryant is a unique woman, but not just for her purple hair.  As kind-hearted as they come, too many men have overlooked her, but not Austin Bardon.  Instantly attracted to her, he quickly discovers she has more secrets than just another admirer,  but jealousy threatens to quench their fire before it can even begin to blossom.


Burning Betrayals cover.jpg
Burning Betrayals

Artistic Impressions, Book 3

After an unexpected day in the spotlight, Jody Warren's talent brings her more attention than she ever expected.  Immediately taken with Dallas Bardon, the spark of a new relationship is extinguished the same night.  This paves the way for Cole Blair to earn his place in her life.  When Dallas and Cole cross paths professionally, Jody is caught in the middle.  Blackmail and deceit threaten to ignite strong emotions, and no one will walk away unscathed.


Simmering Passion cover.jpg
Simmering Passion

Artistic Impressions, Book 4

Chef Dallas Bardon has been burned before, and with the opening of his restaurant in jeopardy, he could get burned again.  Thankfully, things go off without a hitch, until he comes face to face with Love Sun, a nationally known food critic.  Their connection is instant and red hot, but professionalism is essential for them both.  Can they control their simmering passion long enough to save their careers?


Blazing Conceptions cover.jpg
Blazing Conceptions

Artistic Impressions, Book 5

Nina Blair has been in love with her best friend Nate Watkins for years and he's been none the wiser.  But when life forces Nina to isolate herself from him and her family for several months, he finally realizes that everything he ever needed has been right in front of him all along.  A tense situation forces Nate to finally confess his feelings, but he never expects Nina to fight him every step of the way - all because of a secret that may destroy everyone she loves in her life.


Firefly and Ice cover.jpg
Firefly & Ice

Artistic Impressions, Book 6

In the midst of his own personal storm, Gabriel Bardon looks to the power of Mother Nature to calm his soul. Instead, he discovers Firefly. She invites him into her life and her bed, and the storm raging outside becomes no match for their passion.


Reignited cover.jpg

Artistic Impressions, Book 7

Skull and Hawk love the same time, and have done so for the last decade. But when their conservative neighbor needs help, they're quick to come to her aid, and welcome her into their bed. Deep emotional connections are made, forcing them to face their pasts in order to move forward with their futures.


LDC 2020 Artistic Impressions cover.jpg
The Layla Delaney Collection

Artistic Impressions Series: 2020

Includes all 7 novels from the Artistic Impressions Series:

Hearts Aflame, Blooming Fire, Burning Betrayals, Simmering Passion, Blazing Conceptions, Firefly & Ice, and Reignited.

As a bonus, both Girl Power Romance Collection stories have also been included: 

Love Bites and Love Bleeds.


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