Layla's Stories

2020:  Artistic Impressions

Hearts Aflame

Artistic Impressions, Book 1


Alexis Jackson is an artist on the cusp of making a name for herself. Her personal situation, however, threatens to lay all her hard work to ashes. Connor Watson is a life-of-the-party kind of guy who loves to flatter the ladies. But when he meets Alexis, she ignites a fire in his blood that leaves him tongue-tied. Instant attraction and contrary needs result in a fiery tale of love.


Blooming Fire

Artistic Impressions, Book 2

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Ava Bryant is a unique woman, but not just for her purple hair.  As kind-hearted as they come, too many men have overlooked her, but not Austin Bardon.  Instantly attracted to her, he quickly discovers she has more secrets than just another admirer,  but jealousy threatens to quench their fire before it can even begin to blossom.


Burning Betrayals

Artistic Impressions, Book 3


Simmering Passion

Artistic Impressions, Book 4



Artistic Impressions, Book 5