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Layla's Stories

2023:  Lured Away


Finding love on vacation can be tricky.  Which one will let their heart get lured away?

Reeled In cover.jpg
Reeled In

Lured Away, Book One

While on a month vacation at the beach, Juliana Sanders (Dreamcatchers, Q Series) wants to relax.  She also wants to find a man to warm her long cold bed.  Unfortunately, the first two men she encounters leave a sour taste in her mouth.  Will the third, Chris Raines, be the charm?


Ruined cover.jpg

Lured Away, Book Two

Malin Wolff (VI or IX, Q Series) is relieved to finally be cancer free, but not too enthused about celebrating on a two week vacation to the Bahamas with his children.  Then he meets Samantha Blake, the hospitality director.  The attraction is mutual on both sides but a dangerous encounter with another guest could ruin their chance of exploring it.


Just Ivy cover.jpg
Just Ivy

A Lured Away Short Story

Ivy Permberton is a hotel heiress with a big problem her money and connections can't fix.  Bishop Gerard agrees to the utmost discretion to help more ways than one.  Will Ivy accept all he has to offer and finally attain the true happiness that has always eluded her? 


Lost cover.jpg

Lured Away, Book Three

After working tirelessly to launch her business, Delilah Harmon is finally taking a well-earned vacation.  But she doesn't expect to run into the man who helped her and then duped her.  Luke Wolff (VI or IX & Passionate Penance, Q Series) never expected to find Delilah on his second visit to the Bahamas, but having lost his chance with her years ago, he's determined to do everything he can to have her now.  Sadly, someone else feels the same about her and is equally determined.  


Twice on Sunday cover.jpg
Twice on Sunday

Lured Away, Book Four

Caught up in another matchmaking scheme, Mindy Phillips is instantly enamored with the single friend of a visiting couple to her small beach town.  Tank (Tough Call Anthology) feels much the same when they meet.  Their personalities sizzle as easily as the sexual tension, but when Mindy's past comes back to haunt her, it sends Tank's protective instincts into overdrive, forcing him to make some serious decisions to keep her safe and in his life.


Discovery cover.jpg

Lured Away, Book Five

When Agatha Lawson arrives in Key West, Manny Suarez instantly recognizes the loss that still burdens her heart.  A sudden gust of wind is all it takes to facilitate their first meeting.  Having suffered his own loss, Manny believes that Agatha is the one who can finally heal his heart, just as he hopes to heal hers.


LDC Lured Away 2023 cover.jpg
The Layla Delaney Collection

Lured Away: 2023

Includes all five novels of the series plus a short story:

Reeled In, Ruined, Just Ivy, Lost, Twice on Sunday, and Discovery.


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