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2021:  Bridges

“Cause it’s all water under bridges cept for those that have since been burned”

Water Under Burned Bridges by Mimicking Birds (Eons, 2014)


The characters in this series all have dark pasts that have seriously affected the lives of others.  Each one of them will be revisited at a point in their lives where they will need to look back on the bridges they have crossed and decide if water may still flow under them or if they are too badly burned to salvage.


They will all get what they deserve, but it may not be a happy ending.

RWV cover.jpg
Rebuilt with Virtue

Bridges, Book One

Jennifer Casey (Grand Slam Trilogy, Arrested Hearts, Second Chances) is desperate for love. And not just any love either, but true love. The bridges she's crossed have definitely been charred, but just maybe they’re still passable. Something that she will discover soon enough when she crosses paths with PFC Troy Dalton (Love Bleeds). A man who is not only moved by her beauty, but by her story.


Muddy Crossings cover.jpg
Muddy Crossings

Bridges, Book Two

Loving and losing is never easy.  Especially when the person you lost never knew that you loved them to begin with.  Which is precisely the case for Ryan Harris (Arrested Hearts).  Now a golden opportunity has redemption and forgiveness within reach.  He may have decimated that bridge, but never before has he been so determined to rebuild it and find his way into the heart of the one he lost.  *Ends with a cliffhanger!


Clearer Waters cover.jpg
Clearer Waters

Bridges, Book Two and a Half

A Bridges Companion Novel

Adena Adams and Elliott Evanto are finally in a position to explore their mutual attraction, until fate steps in and forces them apart, possibly forever. While they fight fate on their own, their desire for each other intensifies until orders are disobeyed and their need to serve and protect almost ends a life.


Complex Passage cover.jpg
Complex Passage

Bridges, Book Three

Ross Marshall (Arrested Hearts) is finally putting his past behind him and moving forward with his life. Unfortunately, his good intentions are tainted when he finds himself on the flip side of his complex past. As he battles to prove his innocence, he finds allies where he leasts expects them, as well as love.


Full Revolution cover.jpg
Full Revolution

Bridges, Book Four


Karma is a bitch, and Julian Parker (Finding Harmony) has been waiting for it to do its thing for many years. Unfortunately, only when his ugly past is revealed to his new love Cyndra Kane does it finally rear its ugly head. But not where he expects it. And surprisingly, he will regret nothing.


Red Hot Whiteout cover.jpg
Red Hot Whiteout

Bridges, A Novella

Previously Released in Snowed Inn, Volume 2


Dayne Shaw is at the height of his career as a photographer.  The only thing missing is the love of his life, Leila Li.  It was because of his job that he lost her, but when he crosses paths with her again, he makes it his mission to win her back.  And the storm that snows them in together only makes things hotter. 


LDC 2021 Bridges cover.jpg
The Layla Delaney Collection

Bridges: 2021

Includes all 5 novels and a novella from the Bridges Series: Rebuilt with Virtue, Muddy Crossings, Clearer Waters, Complex PassageFull Revolution and Red Hot Whiteout.


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