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A last minute 2022 surprise!

Okay, so as I was going through my files and preparing for 2023, I came across the KindleVella episodes I started LAST YEAR! Eleven episodes had already been published and I had a twelfth complete and ready to go!

The episodes are called Wedding Fever and Honeymoon Heat and will revisit past characters from various series as they say "I do" and enjoy their first night of marital bliss. While I am ever a champion of happy endings, you don't always see the nuptials within a couples' story or beyond. These episodes will visit those weddings that were never written beginning with the Anderson Circle.

So far, I've covered Lee and Amelia from Finding Harmony and David and Mallory from Second Chances. The soon-to-be published twelfth episode is the start of Nick and Iris, also from Finding Harmony.

With these now back on my radar, I'm going to make a conscious effort to consistently publish more episodes during 2023!

As always, happy reading!

Love, Layla


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