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Layla is a full-time educator and is married with two children.  Despite a very busy schedule, she always immerses herself in books of various genres in her spare time.
In July of 2014, while discussing books with her sister-in-law, she mentioned that she had thought about trying to write her own book sometime.  Knowing that the creative arts were already her strong suit, her sister-in-law simply said, "Go for it."  And she did.  That very night, Layla went home, opened up a word document and started Chapter 1.  Before the night was over, four chapters were complete and the story of Nicole Pepper and Gage Anderson was born.
Like most projects, she couldn't stop until she was finished.  After sharing "Catching My Heart" with some close friends, she decided to publish and see where things went.  Well, they just kept going.  The story of Nicole and Gage continued to form in her brain and it soon became the Grand Slam Trilogy.
As she continued to write, some of her friends/editors/proof-readers asked for a story about Tony Rivera, a detective that plays a secondary role in the Grand Slam Trilogy.  Without much hesitation, the Arrested Hearts Series was born.  From there, she moved on with two more series:  Finding Harmony and Second Chances.  All the while, the characters from her stories interact with one another as you continue to watch Nicole and Gage move forward with their lives.
What started as a random burst of creativity has blossomed into an extremely satisfying side gig that has yet to lose momentum.  As long as the ideas keep coming and her friends still want to read, she will continue to write.
Additionally, with a few exceptions, the book covers are designed and drawn by Layla.
Happy reading!

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