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It's been nine months!

But don't worry, no one is giving birth! LOL Especially not me! It's just been nine months since my last blog post. I suppose that's what happens when you finally move back into your own home after living in the in-laws basement. (Don't worry, my liver is recovering!)

Anyway, just last week I released the first story of my new series: Generations. These stories will follow the children of all the couple you met from the Grand Slam Trilogy and onward. And the best part, if you've read from the beginning, is that you get to revisit some of your favorite couples through the eyes of their children. I made sure to go back and reread to get things right, and I've really enjoyed the trip down memory lane.

You can grab "Overtones" - The Anderson Siblings, Book One now for only $1.99!

If you haven't read the story that started it all, you can grab the Grand Slam Trilogy (3 novels + a novella) for only $0.99.

Of course, if you prefer to binge read, every completed series from Beginnings is available in a money-saving bundle. You can check them all out here.

Right now, I'm over halfway through book two of the Anderson Siblings, and boy-oh-boy, Reeve is something else!

If you want writing updates and sneak peeks and the occasional freebie, make sure you sign up for my newsletter. I usually send one out once a week, if I remember, and sometimes on a release day.

Until then, happy reading!




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