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Layla's Stories

2014 - 2016:  The Anderson Circle


The stories here are listed in chronological order.

Since many of the characters appear in multiple novels, it is suggested to follow this reading order so you can avoid any plot spoilers.  The characters you will meet are part of the Anderson circle of friends.

GST Anniversary Edition cover.jpg
Grand Slam Trilogy - Anniversary Edition

Catching His Heart, Wounded Heart, Protecting His Heart, Saving Our Hearts

This Anniversary Edition of the Grand Slam Trilogy includes three novels and the novella that follow the story of Nicole Pepper and Gage Anderson.
In "Catching My Heart," Nicole travels to the city for her roommates wedding, whose family also happens to own the city's baseball team. Still jaded from a previous relationship, she is shocked when sparks fly between her and the teams gorgeous All-Star catcher, Gage Anderson. Unknowingly, she has also captured the attention of another man affiliated with the team. Which one will catch her heart?
"Wounded Heart" reveals Nicole's past with her ex James Fox. A man who loves women, usually more than one at a time, but tries to give up his promiscuous past in exchange for Nicole's affections.
In "Protecting His Heart," Nicole and Gage are excited to plan their future after their on-field engagement. A future that is quickly threatened by new information about Nicole's stalker and her continued insecurities about her place in Gage's life. Unexpectedly, a family crises, a moment of betrayal, and danger from the past finds them fighting to protect each other from paying the ultimate price for their love.
"Saving Our Hearts" finds Gage desperate to give Nicole the happiness she deserves after a year of heartache and sadness. Continued success in their careers lead them in a positive direction, but when past indiscretions and threats of revenge bring Nicole’s lingering doubts about their future back to haunt her, the wedding is suddenly left hanging in the balance. Can their love be saved once again?
"An Anderson Christmas" - A Grand Slam Short Story, is also included.



Arrested Hearts Series - Book 1

Detective Tony Rivera is dedicated to his career, even though it has cost him what he thought was true love, until he met Karen West. After finding a common bond, he takes a chance on a relationship with her. Karen’s safety is soon threatened because of their pasts, and Tony’s desire to protect her has him on the edge of crossing the line as a professional. When the danger passes, a routine call lands him in the hospital while another man uses his business connections to pursue Karen. Will Tony find a way to protect them both and his career?




Arrested Hearts Series - Book 2

For years, Marco Donati has been pleasantly content watching his friends find true love. When he arrives at Detective Tony Rivera’s wedding and meets Officer Leonora Edwards, suddenly watching someone else fall in love is no longer an option. Beautiful, strong, independent and a fine officer, Leonora feels an instant attraction towards Marco. Unable to deny the attraction, Marco pursues a relationship with her despite his conflicting emotions about her dangerous job and his desire to protect her from harm. Unexpected acts of vengeance threaten their new relationship and Leonora’s safety as Marco struggles to capture her heart. Forever.




Arrested Hearts Series - Book 3

Officer Alex Perez just lost the love of his life, but he never really had to her to begin with. As he resigns himself to the fact that his best friend, Officer Leonora Edwards, is perfectly matched with Marco Donati, he wonders if he's meant to be alone forever. When new recruit Arika Masters shares a common experience with him, he decides to take a chance with her. He falls fast and a close call on the job makes Arika realize that she feels the same way about him. Their happiness, however, is short lived. Arika's past and her career force her out of Alex's life. Will Alex get Arika back?




Arrested Hearts Series - Book 4

Anthony Miller is the epitome of the ‘nice guy’ stereotype. He’s the man every father wants his daughter to marry. The only problem is, the one woman he wants is happily married to someone else. Just when he feels like he is destined to be alone for the rest of this life, Officer Nora O’Brien takes a liking to him. Her brash, forward personality and gorgeous looks leave him wondering how to handle her. But she’s the one intent on handling him. When they take a chance together, Nora’s insecurities and another man’s attention drive them apart. Will they be able to release their demons and find love together?



Arrested Hearts Series

Deluxe Boxed Set: Restrained, Captured, Entrapped, Released, Obsessed

The Arrested Hearts Series boxed set contains four books that follow some of the characters introduced in the Grand Slam Trilogy. Restrained features Detective Tony Rivera and Karen West, Captured features Marco Donati and Officer Leonora Edwards, Entrapped features Officers Alex Perez and Arika Masters, and Released features Officer Nora O'Brien and Anthony Miller.
Sizzling connections and tense moments make for riveting tales of true love.  Also included is the novella featuring Enzo Donati and his wife.



Blue Inspiration

Finding Harmony Series - Book 1

Lee Smith and his band have finally become a major success. Amelia Kriss is a brilliant artist still trying to make a name for herself. While Lee’s ex wants back into his life for a taste of fame and fortune, Amelia’s ex will stop at nothing to ruin her budding career. Each passionate about their art, the instant attraction between them is undeniable. Inspired by one another but still troubled by acts of jealousy and revenge, the passion they share together threatens to damage their careers. Will success stay within reach for them both?



Reclaiming Love

Second Chances Series - Book 1

Once a cheater, always a cheater. James Fox destroyed the only woman he ever loved because he was a cheater, but now the shoe is on the other foot. Trapped in a loveless marriage for the sole purpose of being a good father, he is suddenly given a second chance to become the man he once aspired to be. Torn between his love and loyalty to his daughter Eva and the pull of his heart for the woman of his dreams, will he be able to reclaim the kind of love that he never thought possible?



Wild Temptations

Finding Harmony Series - Book 2

Liam MacKenzie thinks his life is complete. Then he meets Melisa Tamerlane, a beautiful, smart, sexy librarian who turns him on with her mind as well as her looks. A brief interaction with her makes him realize there is indeed a void in his life. A void that only she can fill. When they discover their pasts are linked in ways they never knew, the fate of their relationship hangs in the balance while wild accusations and reckless deeds threaten to end them almost before they begin.



Earning the Save

Second Chances Series - Book 2

David Evans loves the company of a lady. Too bad every lady he's chased recently belongs to another man and Mallory Santini is no exception. Despite the fact that she is engaged, David goes out of his way to get close to her. Even though she is slightly attracted to him, she consistently ignores his advances until his friendship proves to be a saving grace when her personal life falls apart. As she tries to piece her life and her heart back together, David can't ignore the depth of his feelings for her. Can he earn Mallory's love after she's been broken by another man?



Deceptive Cadence

Finding Harmony Series - Book 3

Nick Savage is a good man who appreciates the fine arts and those who create them.  His patronage to the ballet pays off in spades when he finally meets the Katherine, the ballerina who has lived in his thoughts since a missed introduction months earlier.  Her status with the ballet company and his fame with Roll With It make for a great story.  It even benefits fellow band member and bassist Jude Blackwood and his sister Iris who also works for the ballet.  As they move forward with their careers and their relationship, emotional attachments are made but not where you might expect.  Will Nick finally be able to claim true love in the midst of progress and deception?



Suspended Heart

Finding Harmony Series - Book 4


Chase Crawford.  He’s talented.  He’s hot.  He’s single.  And if you’re willing, he is most definitely able.  Chase’s life takes a dramatic turn after he quits Roll With It because they want to bring Eli Bent into the fold.  Chase can’t deny Eli’s talent, but the thought of having a woman in the band is too much for him to handle.  As he tries to face his demons, he’s forced to tell his secret that only Jude used to know.  The resulting chaos will either destroy them or bring them back together. 



Seamless Redemption

Second Chances Series - Book 3


Jane Bennett is about to make her mark on the fashion world and wants to celebrate not only with her friends but a man.  When she ends up at the hottest club in the city, Jeff Harrington takes advantage of the opportunity before him.  One night of uninhibited passion gives Jane the confidence she is seeking as a woman while Jeff is left puzzled by his inability to forget about her.  When they cross paths again, can they mix business and pleasure while being targeted for revenge?  



Turning Pointe cover.jpeg
Turning Pointe

A Finding Harmony Novella

Even though Autumn Copeland loves Roll With It and their ladies, their presence in her life is a constant reminder of what she lost.  When Drexel Walker realizes her situation, he does his best to show her what can be...if she'll allow it.



Critical Sync

Second Chances Series - Book 4

Noah MacKenzie has been unlucky in love for far too long.  Just when he’s beginning to wonder if something is wrong with him, FBI Agent Michaela Hawke barges into his office to arrest him.  In order to clear his name, he works with her but what they discover reaches far beyond the investigation.



Obsessed cover.png

An Arrested Hearts Novella

Mary Donati is obsessed with her husband, Enzo.  But when another man takes an interest in her, he does his best to plant seeds of doubt in her already troubled mind.  Enzo, however, loves his Mary too deeply to stand by and do nothing.


Changing Perspectives cover.jpg
Changing Perspectives

A Second Chances Novella

Wade Emerson and Heath Goodwin are beyond happy with their newfound happiness together.  But when the opportunity of a lifetime lands in Heath's lap, the secret Wade carries threatens to tear them apart unless he can finally let go and let Heath find a way to heal him.


Finding Harmony Series

Deluxe Boxed Set

Blue Inspiration, Wild Temptations, Deceptive Cadence, Suspended Heart, Turning Pointe

Roll With It is about to rock your world with their first U.S. tour and with more than just their music. Follow Lee, Liam, Nick, Jude and Chase as their careers and their love lives play out with hot romance and seemingly unending drama.

All four novels and the companion novella are included.



Second Chances Series

Deluxe Boxed Set

Reclaiming Love, Earning the Save, Seamless Redemption, Critical Sync, Changing Perspectives


The Second Chances Series contains all four novels about some of your favorite misguided characters as they finally find true love. Reclaiming Love features James Fox, Earning the Save features David Evans, Seamless Redemption features Jeff Harrington and Critical Sync features Noah MacKenzie.  The novella features Wade Emerson and Heath Goodwin.

Learn to love them all.


LDC 2014-2016 Anderson Circle Cover.jpg
The Layla Delaney Collection
The Anderson Circle: 2014 - 2016​

The Anderson Circle is a group of friends who formed after the meeting of Nicole Pepper and Gage Anderson. Included are all fifteen novels and four novellas presented in chronological order to avoid plot spoilers. It all starts with Nicole and Gage in the Grand Slam Trilogy (Anniversary Edition) followed by the Arrested Hearts Series, Finding Harmony Series and Second Chances Series. Two of the novellas were published after 2016, but they continue two of the series included in this collection.


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