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The Anderson Siblings


Having famous parents makes finding true love harder than it should be.

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The Anderson Siblings, Book One

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Oldest daughter of the city's Cinderella baseball couple, Ivory Anderson is plagued with fear and anxiety about her safety and establishing herself in her career.  When she meets Tyler Black, he makes her feel safe and normal.  The problem?  She meets him when she's singing karaoke in disguise.  What will happen when he finds out who she really is?


Whatever It Takes cover.jpg
Whatever It Takes

The Anderson Siblings, Book Two

AVAILABLE 6/4/2024


Reeve Anderson loved once, but it wasn't in the cards to be a happily ever after.  So, he took advantage of his name and the fact that he's a spitting image of his father, a man even a younger generation of women have fantasized over.  They can't have him, but they can have Reeve.  And many of them did.  It's not until Reeve watches his twin get engaged that he starts to rethink his manwhorish ways.  Something that he starts to loathe when he lands his dream job and meets Cecelia Little.


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The Anderson Siblings, Book Three

This story will feature Jade Anderson.


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