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Melt the snow away!

Snowstorm number three of 2022 is currently blanketing my area. I don't mind snow, but one is enough!

However, I do have some things to keep me warm:

  1. I have a vacation planned in a few weeks to some very sunny and tropical locations. As always, I usually find sexy inspiration in these locations. Who wouldn't?

  2. I am a few chapters into "Fire Schooled" - my contribution to the Burning with Desire: A Firefighter Romance Anthology. Yes, it's early on, but things are already smoking. And where there's smoke, there's fire, right?

Here's a little teaser:

I glance his way and probably blush when I find his eyes on me again. My stomach flutters with excitement and I fight the urge to clench my legs together to ease the sudden ache that I feel there. When my students are settled in the cab of the truck, Luke appears beside me.

“Allow me to help you into the front seat,” he smiles.

“Of course,” I nod.

With that, his hand is on the small of my back as I move a few steps forward with him. Then he reaches up and opens the door, his body brushing against mine with the movement. Without another word, he takes my hand in his and moves his other to my waist. When I go to step up, he stays close behind me. Then his hands gently slide down my thighs until I’m able to sit down.

I am also in the editing stages of "From A to Z" - Learning Curves, Book One. I have no release date yet, but it should be some time next month. "Fire Schooled" will also crossover into this series as well.

In the meantime, take a look at this online book fair:

Here are some of my current recommendations on BookBub. I've already pre-ordered my copies!

Stay safe and warm! No judgement on whether the latter is with a real man or a fictional one, either!

Happy reading!



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