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I'm ready to fall into some new ideas!

With my full-time gig about to begin again, my Layla time will slow down a tad. It never truly stops, and that's just fine with me.

Having just finished Book 4 of the Bridges series, I have decided to put my focus on a new series for 2022. It has no title yet, only a setting in the world of education, which I know very well. I may begin with the professor from Bridges Book 3, Shawn Zaback. We shall see how things unfold in my brain.

In the meantime, you can preorder "Full Revolution" - Bridges, Book 4 here. The story features Julian Parker from the Finding Harmony series and Cyndra Kane.

I am also participating in Snowed Inn Volume 2: A Holiday Anthology, set to release on December 2, 2021. My story will feature photographer Dayne Shaw, who appeared in both the Finding Harmony and Second Chances series, and the love of his life Leila Li. Check out my Snowed Inn page on my website here for more information.

In the meantime, here are a few great reads from some other amazing authors!

Taylor Delong: "Whiskey Tears"

Adley Gates.

The one that got away.

No, the one I permitted to get away.

Nope. That’s not right either.

The one I up and walked away from.

I had my reasons. When you’re reeling with pain of a tragedy, it doesn’t matter who you hurt to alleviate the ache. Even if it’s the person who means the most to you.

Years later, like a ghost of my past, she’s back in my life, hating me for what I did. I’m a shell of the man I once was, yet with one touch, she brings me back to life.

The only problem—I don’t deserve her forgiveness.

But that won’t stop me from fighting for her.

I need to prove we deserve a second chance.

***This book contains situations with drug use that might be disturbing to some readers.***

Jessalyn Jameson: "Brit"

She’s looking for a man who’s not afraid to please… or get on his knees.

As Banging Cade’s lead guitarist, Brit Davenport’s come a long way since his silver spoon upbringing in Laguna Beach, building a name for himself and breaking free of the Davenport name—and all it entails. He parties hard and loves even harder, but he’s seen his dad remarry too many times to think there’s anything holy about matrimony.

Mina Kazem’s found success with a series of underground BDSM clubs in New York City. Her conservative upbringing in Southern California is a distant speck in the rearview mirror until she’s forced to return to the west coast for her mother’s wedding. She sets out the night before to ease her tension the only way she knows how: a man who isn’t afraid to please—or get on his knees.

While Brit’s spent a long time in the limelight, Mina’s spent years cultivating anonymity—both for herself and the patrons of the clubs she owns—so when pictures of Brit and his mystery woman are leaked, and Mina’s identity is eventually exposed, more than their slightly taboo relationship is at stake.

CL Collier: "Passion in Paris"

After years of focusing on my career in the fashion industry, I suddenly find myself unemployed.

Taking a chance on myself, I decide to follow my dreams and hop on the next flight to Paris.

Imagine my surprise when Jack, my former friends-with-benefits, is on the same flight. We haven’t seen each other in years. He was always a good friend, not to mention our chemistry was off the charts. But he also stole my focus from my demanding career, which is why I had to end things. I couldn’t afford distractions.

When Jack asks me to see the sights of Paris with him, I can’t turn him down. However, with my life at a crossroads, I can’t afford distractions now either.

So what if he’s perfect boyfriend material? So what if he can light up my body with just one look? I never do relationships – I’ll just enjoy this passion in Paris for as long as I can.

Head Over Heels: A Sweet Romantic Comedy Collection

Purchase Link: (available in Kindle Unlimited)


A bingeable, swoon-worthy, and downright hilarious collection of sweet romantic comedies.

Swoon over our heartthrob heroes as they sweep our sweet and sassy heroines off their feet. Prepare to be romanced with sweet kisses and flirty banter. Escape with all the favorite tropes, from enemies to lovers, fake relationships, second-chance, Billionaires and more.

There is something for every fan of sweet romantic comedy and offers many hours of feel-good stories to provide an instant mood lift.

Scroll up and one click now to grab this limited edition set, because once it’s gone, it’s gone forever!

Tracy Broemmer: "The Valentine Suite"

Grief pulls some families together and rips others—like the Hollands—apart. Two years have passed since Alys and Fletcher Holland lost two of their children in a fatal accident. But time has done nothing for Alys’ broken heart.

Her surviving son’s destination wedding means a reunion for Alys and Fletch, who divorced shortly after the accident. Alys intends to keep to herself for the wedding festivities and hustle back home to her quiet, sterile life when the big day is over.

When the double-booked Valentine Suite at the Kahalina Resort puts Alys and Fletch in close quarters, Alys soon finds it’s difficult to ignore the man she fell in love with over twenty-five years ago. Fletch frustrates her, but he protects her, too, acting as a buffer between her and the rest of his family and their son’s wedding guests.

Will their stay in the Valentine Suite drive them further apart and send them home as strangers or will their time together in the suite mend their broken hearts and put their family back together?

Enjoy your day and as always, happy reading!


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