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Gavin and Chelsea are almost ready!

Book Two of Learning Curves will release in one more week! Gavin Salas and Chelsea Thomas are no strangers to casual sex, but when their careers force them together, they find themselves wanting more than just a night in the sack.

Pre-order today!

Additionally, I've also completed my contributions to several upcoming anthologies. Fill up your TBR now with these pre-orders! - Releasing 9/9/2022

My contribution: "Fire Schooled" - featuring Luke Donati and Jojo Barnes (also part of Learning Curves) - Releasing 11/1/2022

My contribution: "Madam Santa" - Elana Williams' business is all about pleasure. Zane MacDuff's expertise is exactly what she needs to take that pleasure to the next level. Too bad she's hated him for as long as he's wanted her. As the CEO, she's off-limits, but he has no problem breaking that rule. - Releasing 1/10/2023

My contribution: "Ascended" - a retelling of Rapunzel's story

Until the next time, happy reading!


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