Anniversary Edition!

April 13, 2019

This year, on 18 July, I will have spent 5 years moonlighting as Layla Delaney.  Since that night when I penned the first chapter of "Catching My Heart," I will have 28 novels and 4 novellas published.  If you've read my stories from the beginning, I'm sure you've noticed the gradual development of my writing style.

Now, as I look back at Nicole Pepper and Gage Anderson, the couple that started it all, I find myself wanting to revisit and revise.  The stories themselves will remain intact, but they will be updated to conform to what you've come to expect in my writing.

I often read over my old stories when I bring back a previous character for their own story or reference a prior event.  This usually leads to an update in my publishings with revisions for typos and other errors.  (Yes, I do this all on my own, so I doubt any of my stories are whoops-free). Since I cut my teeth with the Grand Slam Trilogy, I feel that now is the perfect time for this.

If all goes well, all three novels and the novella will be ready for release on my author-versary date.


Happy reading!

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