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The land of crazy!

I think I've been living in the land of crazy since March!

Everything for 2017 is buttoned up! The Brothers in Arms Duet is in the final stages of editing. Book 1 will be released on 2 September, book 2 will be released on 2 October, and the boxed set on 18 October.

In just one week, I'll be finished with my 3rd Masters class. Then I'll have a two-week break before I start my first core class AND my full-time gig again. Even with all that looming on the horizon, I started a new story for 2018!


I just can't help it!

And man, oh, man - this one is already unlike anything I've written before. I'll be sure to drop some hints on my Facebook page as the story comes together. I'm hoping for an 18 January 2018 release date. We shall see!

Until then, much love to you all and happy reading!


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