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The decision has been made!

When I finish the Second Chances Series and a companion novella for the Finding Harmony Series, I'm going to start fresh. Well. Sort of.

Since it's very challenging to keep track of criss-crossing story lines and who knows who, I've decided that 2017 will be a year of stand alone novels. No trilogy. No series. Just single novels. But who will they be about?

Well, there are quite a few characters that have had fleeting moments in my stories and some of them I would like to pursue further. For instance, Tony Rivera's father Andrew. When he was visiting Tony in the hospital, I mentioned that one of the older nurses seemed to take a liking to him. He's good-looking like Tony and a widower. So what if that nurse left the city to take a job in the town where Andrew Rivera resides as a high school physical education teacher?

Then there's Monroe. Nicole's hairdresser from Urban Studios back in her home town. And what about Charles Joyce? He promised to come back and find Jane when he was done his deployment. What's he going to do when he finds out that she's not available anymore?

Yes, we've me these characters before, but they don't live in the city and/or will not travel in the same social circles as all of my previous characters. As always, the possibilities are endless!

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