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Happy Friday the 13th!

In my world, good things happen on Friday the 13th!

So today, I'm hoping to wrap up Seamless Redemption - Second Chances Series, Book 3.

I penned the epilogue yesterday and my goal is to finish the blurb and cover art today. Editing will still take at least a week or more though. You see, since this is my side gig, everything falls on me and the willingness of my friends to help!

I began this book on April 1st. The idea for it was actually born at some point during the writing of the Finding Harmony Series when my friend gave me the idea for the introduction of Eli Bent and her sister, Jane. The story came together rather quickly.

The next book of the series will feature Noah MacKenzie. He is Liam MacKenzie's brother and needs a good woman after watching his best friend Melisa fall for Liam and another Roll With It sibling, Iris, fall for Nick Savage. His lady will be beautiful and fierce and their first meeting is going to shock you. Here's hoping his story will come to a boil soon so I can start writing again!

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