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Redemption or destruction?

Well, it's no secret that I've written some pretty deplorable characters into my stories. Some of them have gone from love-to-hate to love-to-love. Like James Fox. And I thoroughly enjoyed writing his story of redemption. It was the most emotional story I had written at the time, but it worked for him.

Others, like Julian Parker, I feel no need to redeem. The man destroyed Amelia's artwork. That's just a no-no. And my real life Amelia even agreed that there was no coming back from that.

Then we have my middle of the road buttheads. David Evans was an easy fix. A good guy at heart, but he couldn't control his other head. And what about Ryan Harris? Or Ross Marshall? Their actions, although damaging and idiotic, were driven by their feelings for Leonora and Arika. Could redemption be a possibility for them?

Then we come to Chase Crawford. He was in the shadows for the Grand Slam Trilogy and the Arrested Hearts Series, but his womanizing character became evident almost immediately in the first book of the Finding Harmony Series. Maybe if he only enjoyed the benefits of being a rock star with the women who weren't attached wouldn't have been so bad. But he enjoyed Lee's ex Rachel while they were still dating. And James Fox's first wife Becky practically in front of his face. Not to mention his need to interfere with Amelia and Melisa.

Did he really think he was doing everyone a favor by tring to weed out the starfuckers? Did he really believe that a permanent woman for any of the guys in the band would lead to a Yoko Ono type of disaster for them? What the hell is his problem?

Well, you'll find out in the fourth book of the series. I'm more than half way finished now. And even though it's obvious that I'm a fan of happy endings, I have no problem giving them a bumpy ride. Or will I decide against it for Chase? Stay tuned and happy reading.

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