Knowing when to stop.

As I come to the end of a story, I am often torn about how to end things. Thankfully, I usually follow my gut and do so when the time seems right.

Since my first book ran 90 chapters, I use that as a reference as I write. Most of them reach 90 chapters, one has gone further, but sometimes they need to end sooner. As much as I feel like I might be short-changing my readers, I'd much rather conclude a story when necessary rather than write non-essential filler.

As I reach the end of Nick Savage's story, it has become glaringly evident that 90 chapters will be too much. Especially when his story will end with a cliffhanger that leads us directly into book 4 of the Finding Harmony Series. That's not my style. Or at least it hasn't been. But for Nick's tale and the one that follows, it's necessary.

I look forward to finishing "Deceptive Cadence" and sharing the story of Nick Savage with you in the very near future.

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