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Cool Off is HOT!

This limited edition anthology is now LIVE! My story contribution is "Slow Burn."

Grab your copy today:

Maybe you shouldn't stare at a deliciously handsome man when he walks by you on the beach... but it's a vacation, and summer. Doesn't hurt that you're single and available.

This anthology is guaranteed to keep you laughing, smiling, and wish you were on the beach enjoying the view. We won't blame you if you want to binge all the stories because of the sultry plots and sexy heroes. Some wear trunks and other speedos... no judgments.

You also need to check out the Christmas in July Calendar by the Let's Get Naughty authors. Each day holds a surprise! I've already collected several free reads!

If you missed it, you need to check out the latest release from my girl, Taylor Delong!

The Lawn Boy is available for your full-maintenance landscaping needs! The lawn boy across the street has always caught Coco’s attention. What happens when he speaks to her? Sparks fly between these two…you’ll have to read to find out why!

Grab it here:

The first time I speak to the neighbor’s lawn boy he asks me if I need landscaping. By the gleam in his

piercing blue eyes, he isn’t talking about my lawn. In an uncharacteristically bold move, I invite the guy I barely know to my place. After his initial “assessment” of my needs, our evening doesn’t stop there. In Deacon, Texas, go big or go home, right? The weeks that follow, Nash Denton makes sure he is the only one to handle my daily maintenance. He fills a missing gap in my life—bringing laughter, good times, and genuine care. When sickness knocks me down, Nash is there. Turns out this illness isn’t the contagious kind. Nope, this lawn boy sure knows how to make things grow. One question remains—will he stick around and nurture my lawn or will he soon be tending someone else's landscape? The Lawn Boy is a steamy, accidental pregnancy romance filled with banter, innuendos, and a swoony landscaper who will take care of more than just your lawn needs. Set in Deacon, Texas, a small town in the plains of Texas where ranches flourish and cowboys are looking to lasso love with their fiery fillies and leading ladies. Grab this standalone from the All American Boy series today!

Only 99 pennies or read FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

And here's another amazing anthology that releases tomorrow:

Flames, Flirts & Festivals: A Diverse Short Story Romance Anthology

Flirting always gets me into trouble. Flaming hot trouble ...

From Samhain to Up Helly Aa, these sizzling stories by award-winning and bestselling authors will whisk you away to celebrations around the globe. Featuring spectacular locations, diverse characters, and rich storytelling, you're sure to find something to love.

Come join the fun as we eat, drink, and live happily ever after.

Authors: Everleigh Allen, A.R. Bell, Brianne Gillen, Milly Gray, Allegra Johnson, Chele MacCabe, Maida Malby, A.M. Roark, Saharra Sandhu, Alexa Santi, Heather Scarlett, Catherine Stein

And, if you haven't been checking, I've been giving away free books on my Facebook page for my birthday month! Grab a few yourself and keep an eye on the Let's Get Naughty calendar on the 18th, too!

Happy reading!




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