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Where am I going now?

So, I've been done with my Masters for over six months now. I've recuperated from a major surgery. And now I'm gearing up for more big life changes as I prepare my oldest child for his next journey after graduation.

What does that mean for Layla?

Well, I'm not certain. Right now, I'm finalizing my "Modern Tales of Fantasy: Q Series" boxed set for release while I've already started another story about secondary characters of my tertiary characters from the Anderson Circle.

Why can't I get away from the stories I've already written? Why do I keep back going to characters I've introduced in passing?

I'm not certain, really. I created an intricate web of stories with my first 15 novels. Then I still revisited some of them with my Tertiary Circle of Friends while still coming back to them in my Q Series. I guess I think that every person I introduce has a story that needs to be told. Or maybe I'm just that caught up in my own characters that I can't leave them alone. No matter the reason, I'm okay with it.

I've read authors before who have written books that follow the same group of characters for a long time, so I suppose that means there isn't anything wrong with me. But...

What if?

That's what I'm pondering now. There are so many characters that have crossed paths in my stories that I can't help but wonder what would happen IF things had happened a little differently.

Maybe an alternative ending series?

I don't know.

What do you think?

Much love and happy reading,


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