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New year, new ideas!

With my first story of 2018 queued for release and the second one two-thirds complete, more story ideas have started to take shape. Some of them mine and some of them from my favorite pair of spit-ballers! Having explored new territory in "Alicia's Wonderland," I plan on continuing in that direction as I push the boundaries of my comfort zone. And for those of you who have been with me from the beginning, some of my very first characters still manage to make appearances. I just can't seem to let them go!

If you want to stay updated on what's happening in my fictional world, you can friend me on Facebook at Author Layla Delaney, or you can join my private group LaylaLand, or follow my author page at NovelsByLaylaDelaney.

I wish you a prosperous 2018 and as always, happy reading!

Much love,


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