Connor Watkins and Alexis Jackson just went live on Amazon and Lulu!

Connor was introduced in the Arrested Hearts Series, Book 4 "Released."  He had the hots for Anthony Miller's lady, Officer Nora O'Brien.  He also made a brief appearance in the Kingston Duet, Book 2 "...


New year, new stories!

My new series is called "Artistic Impressions" and it takes place where Nicole was living when she met Gage.  What does that mean?  Well, as always, that means you might meet some previously introduced characters as they get their own stories!...


So, I've been done with my Masters for over six months now.  I've recuperated from a major surgery.  And now I'm gearing up for more big life changes as I prepare my oldest child for his next journey after graduation.

What does that mean for Layla?

Well, I'm no...


This year, on 18 July, I will have spent 5 years moonlighting as Layla Delaney.  Since that night when I penned the first chapter of "Catching My Heart," I will have 28 novels and 4 novellas published.  If you've read my stories from the beginning, I'm sure you've noti...


It's 2019 and Layla is finally back!

My Masters degree will be official in just a few weeks and with that off my plate, I can get back to this delicious little side gig of mine!  So here is what's brewing:

First of all, my publisher is having technical issues, which has...


I'm just days away from submitting my Masters thesis!  After that?  Just one more elective class!  I simply cannot believe that I am almost finished!  That being said, and with this huge academic writing effort almost at its conclusion, my Layla brain has com...


With my first story of 2018 queued for release and the second one two-thirds complete, more story ideas have started to take shape.  Some of them mine and some of them from my favorite pair of spit-ballers!  Having explored new territory in "Alicia's Wonderland," I pla...


Well, in two more days I will be exactly half way through my Masters program.  And I will have a break from classes until mid-January.  Somehow, in the last 9 weeks, I've been able to crank out my first story for 2018.  It's a fresh new twist on a classic tale and man,...


I think I've been living in the land of crazy since March!

Everything for 2017 is buttoned up!  The Brothers in Arms Duet is in the final stages of editing.  Book 1 will be released on 2 September, book 2 will be released on 2 October, and the boxed set on 18 October....


That's right!

Next Tuesday I will start my first class in my pursuit of a Masters of Education degree.  It only took me 19 years, but better late than never, right?

At the moment, I don't know how my classes will affect my writing.  The good thing is that I have already...

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