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Layla's Stories
2023:  Lured Away Characters

Reeled In

Lured Away, Book One

  • Juliana Sanders - executive assistant at WiMiní Technologies

  • Eliana Sanders - Juliana's sister

  • Brandon Jones - foreman at Tempest Construction

  • Chris Raines - project manager at Tempest Construction


Lured Away, Book Two

  • Malin Wolff - tattoo artist and cancer survivor

  • Samantha Blake - Hospitality Director at a Zenith Resorts in the Bahamas

  • Zoe Mann - Malin's daughter

  • Anson Mann - Zoe's husband

  • Luke Wolff - Malin's son, Zoe's half brother

  • Alastair Garrett - business man and guest at the resort


Lured Away, Book Three

  • Luke Wolff - business owner/investor in the city

  • Delilah Harmon - owner of Basque, a nightclub in the city

  • Mason Sloan - businessman in the city, recently released from prison

Twice on Sunday

Lured Away, Book Four

  • Tank Hughes - police officer

  • Mindy Phillips - travel agent at Coastal Getaways

  • Jared Johnson - Mindy's ex


Lured Away, Book Five

  • Agatha (Aggie) Lawson - widower

  • Emmanuel (Manny) Suarez - local handyman in the Keys

  • Dante Suarez - Manny's son

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