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Layla's Stories
2017:  Tertiary Circle of Friends Characters

Anticipating Fate

  • Julie Rosales - former ER nurse moving to a small town to start working in a private practice

  • Andrew Rivera - widowed father of Tony Rivera, high school teacher & coach in the small town

  • Janie Rosales Abbott - Julie's identical twin sister

  • Nathan Abbott - Janie's son, Julie's nephew

  • Sam Abbott - Janie's long absent and presumed dead husband

  • Kurt Jacobs - Sheriff in the small town, friend of Andrew

  • Tony Rivera - son of Andrew and detective in the city, befriended Julie many years ago

  • Karen Rivera - Tony's wife, Andrew's daughter-in-law​



  • Emery Vetters - businessman and entrepeneur

  • Christine Lisandro - business manager of A La Carte

  • Ted Stewart - Christine's boyfriend and part-owner of A La Carte


A Shot at Love - The Kingston Duet, Book 1

  • Annette Longbow - wedding planner who just moved her trade from the city to the beach

  • Josh Kingston - bartender and soon to be co-owner of The Break on the avenue

  • Brianna Kingston - Josh's sister, works at The Break

  • Steve Volmi - police officer and high school friend of Josh's

  • Ben Culver - lawyer and ex-fiancé of Annette's


The Perfect Chaser - The Kingston Duet, Book 2

  • Brianna Kingston - owner/curator of new local art gallery, sister to Josh Kingston, co-owner of The Break

  • Steve Volmi - police officer and high school friend of Brianna's brother, Josh

  • Rodney Jackson - Brianna's first love


Custom Makeover

  • Monroe Collins - owner of her own salon, Urban Studio

  • Ezra Gardner - owner of custom garage, Beach Masters

  • Vanessa Deveraux - Ezra's ex-fiancée

  • Estelle Gardner - Ezra's mother

Empowering My Soul - Brothers in Arms Duet, Book 1

  • Sergeant Charles Joyce - soldier who returns home to two unexpected surprises

  • Tara Tillman - EMT who has given up on love

  • Sergeant Damien Oakes - Charles' best friend

Finding Freedom - Brothers in Arms Duet, Book 2

  • Sergeant Damien Oakes - soldier, loyal friend and lover of as many women as possible

  • Corporal Jana Ellis - soldier searching for a commitment after being burned by men and women

  • Crystal Tillman - Jana's roommate, also the sister of Damien's best friends fiancée 

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